acrylic painting by artist Johny Dar on a white wall in a modern gallery space
acrylic painting by artist Johny Dar, worlds, desert
photograph of a real horse  painted in a golden and purple pattern standing in a modern studio space, horse whispers by Johny Dar, body art, first hand painted horse worldwide
modern rectangular box shaped sculpture with a black pattern, 3D
photography of model Tuuli shipster body painted by Johny Dar and photographed by rankin in London, model with bright and long red hair, body painted with a black and white flower pattern, Tuuli by dar, extreme body art
three paintings from the war of life series by artist Johny Dar, modern gallery, exhibition space with black bench and white lighting,  colorful acrylic on canvas paintings
photography of an interior space with two yellow armchairs in front of a panorama window with Mountain View and a modern painting by Johny Dar on the wall showcasing an abstract scene of colorful landscape
intricate drawing of a nude figure in white lines on black background, artist Johny Dar, goddess, dar the book
contemporary sculpture of a face or animal skull by artist Johny Dar placed on a black background
painting by artist Johny Dar titled inside out and outside in, portrait in color, pattern
deep blue mandala placed in the center of a black background, stained glass, midnight blue
acrylic painting by artist Johny Dar in blue tones and colors, abstract art, contemporary art
intricate drawing with white lines on black background by artist Johny Dar showing a magical scene of a fantasy world with faces, a bird, landscapes and details, surreal
sculpture with engraved lines and patterns by artist Johny Dar
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